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Mid-Rio Grande Home School Band

Performing Since 1988

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Guitar recital Thursday May 19 at 7:00

Click here to see our full calendar. 


We are currently seeking opportunities to perform for the community.  If you would like us to come perform for a group or at an event, contact the director to request a date.


Should my child participate in music?  Find out several reasons here.



New visitors


This site answers questions about the band, provides a rehearsal and performance schedule, contact information, and additional resources for budding home school musicians.  Feel free to look around.  Most of your questions should be answered here.  If you have further questions about the group, click the "Contact Us" link on the left side of this page.



Please be sure to check the calendar and the newsletter for the latest information.


Have an old instrument?

The Mid-Rio Grande Home School Band is always looking for instruments for our kids to use. If you have a band instrument that is not being used and you would like to donate it to the band, please contact the director. This is a great way to spread the joy of music to young students!